Who We Are

Hi and thanks for visiting our store.

I am the Paul - of Paul's Paper and Pens fame.

It started with a BIC.

I've always had a weird obsession for writing in multiple colours - and grew up using the ubiquitous BIC 4 colour pens.      

With the advent of the internet, I found you could buy better "multi pens" but they were mostly only available in Japan - and I found to my cost several times that importing is not cheap - especially the hidden taxes and additional postage fees. 

I also found fountain pens and the myriad of colourful inks and quality Japanese notebooks, the way the pens and paper felt made me want to write more in meetings and to be more creative with my notes and expanding and improving my thought processes.

One of these thought processes was why not source these products that I use and make them available for other stationery lovers and those who appreciate high quality design led items.

Paul's Paper and Pens was born. We run the business as a family, with everyone involved in some way - well there has to be some advantages to having kids, and they have to earn their pocket money.

We want to promote the written word and the powerful emotions it can evoke.

Unfortunately if we are not careful writing will become a dying art, so put pen to paper - tell someone you love them (don't tell someone you hate them - people don't like it), draw a squirrel, or make a list of your favourite "something" and preserve it forever with traditional pen and ink.

We hope you like our site, our blogs and our products. We have simple policies and processes to help make things as easy as possible, but if we can improve in any way, please get in touch - also we would love to hear from you regarding how you use our products or items you would like us to stock.

Much love from the gang.