• The Art of Journaling – The Thinking Person’s Stress Antidote

    In this modern age we rely on technology more and more. Gadgets are part of everyday life, at home and in the workplace.

    Whilst this has its benefits – and most people like to keep up with technology - it can have an adverse impact on our levels of social interaction as well as our stress levels.

    With technology, we’re always contactable, never far from work, permanently hooked up to social media and the negative influences it brings. We’re never truly able to switch off and just focus on ourselves.

    We believe that an antidote to all this is a return to the written word - something that we should all be embracing more.

    Modern day stress

    It is a fact of life that an increasing number of us are feeling more stress in our lives. This could be from our family responsibilities, work demands or the pressures of living up to the ideals presented to us in the media. We all seem to be spending our time rushing around, multitasking, and juggling priorities.

    This means that we can feel overloaded, overwhelmed and that we rarely have even a minute to spare for ourselves.

    Journaling could be the answer

    If you feel that life is getting on top of you, there is a simple tool that can help. The written word.

    So many of us have forgotten the value of the written word. Just capturing our thoughts and taking time out to gather them on paper can be hugely therapeutic. Processing what is spinning around in our heads helps bring a sense of order and calm. GPs and counsellors are now starting to recommend journaling as one item in a toolkit for mental health and fitness.

    You can journal in whichever way appeals to you. Perhaps a daily diary, so you have the opportunity to reflect on how your thoughts change over time. Some may keep a gratitude journal so that they can remind themselves of all the things that they have to be thankful for. This is a tried and tested method to encourage positive thinking.

    Using a simple wellbeing journal to note down anything that is worrying you or a bullet journal to help you focus could well mean the difference between coping with your day or not. It’s a recognised technique for practicing mindfulness.

    Treat yourself to a journal

    If you are someone who regularly feels overwhelmed, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a journal / diary. It doesn’t strictly need to be anything fancy. But if you’re investing in something as important as a healthy state of mind, then maybe it’s worth splashing out on a good quality notebook. After all, a collection of personal journals kept over a lifetime become items of beauty, works of art even, family heirlooms.

    Whatever you choose to document your thoughts in, the main aim is to simply take some time out for yourself. Grab your pen of choice and make sure there are no distractions whilst you empty what’s in your head down onto paper. You’ll be surprised at how much better you begin to feel if you make this a regular habit.