• 8 uses for a paper notebook.

    8 uses for a paper notebook.

    As we ride the tsunami of laptops, tablets and smarter than ever smartphones, the thought of the humble notebook is wonderfully appealing, reminding us of an offline paper-based era when we all seemed to be in less of a rush and lost chargers were still an unknown evil.  Here’s just 8 ways to indulge in nostalgia by reintroducing a notebook into your life:

    Taking notes in a meeting

    No matter how hi-tech a business gets, there is something to be said for the classiness and retro appeal of using a quality notebook in meetings. Taking notes by hand is old-school yes, but an expensive notebook now stands out in a sea of cloned tablets at the meeting table. It speaks volumes about its owner, portraying an aura of taste, quality and genuine style. It’s also silent – hands up who hates the clackity clack of the person next you typing on a laptop.

    Research shows that that the brain-hand-eye coordination makes it much more likely for the handwritten notes you are taking to make sense when you refer back to them. It’s not unusual for people to look back over notes they’ve taken digitally and wonder what on earth they were talking about.

    To do lists

    We are all busy people, and often we lose track of things we need to get done. That is where a to do list can come in handy. It’s proved that keeping lists reduces stress because it’s an opportunity to download the multitude of tasks buzzing round your head. But to-do lists kept in a variety of places – on your phone, PC, on scraps of paper – can defeat the purpose and end up causing more stress! Instead, use a personal notebook. This makes sure that everything is kept neat and tidy in one place. You can decide how to lay it out, such as separating it into home and work so you can tick off your tasks as you get them done. You can become sophisticated with you lists and move onto Bullet Journaling which helps many people save time and become more productive.

    A journal

    Being able to write down your thoughts at the end of the day is a great way to reduce stress and worry. It’s also a uniquely personal way of documenting your life – and even providing material for a future autobiography! If you’re dedicating time to keeping a journal, invest in a beautiful notebook to give this worthwhile reflective activity the special status it deserves.

    Recording memories of your child growing up

    Time really flies when you are a parent, which is why it is so important to try and document as much as you can of your children growing up. Treat yourself to a really beautiful notebook and use it as a memory book, taking the time to write down the funny, sweet or amazing things that your kids get up to. Even 5 minutes at the end of the day will soon mount up and before long you will have a beautiful handwritten record which you can keep for ever or you could even give it to your child on their 18th birthday

    Writer’s notebook

    The first tip a budding writer is given on a creative writing course is to get themselves a notebook and keep it on them at all times. In it, they’re told to record plot ideas, descriptions of interesting people they meet, funny or moving scenarios they find themselves in, internal thoughts and views, childhood memories and any other serendipitous happenings. This slowly but surely becomes a treasure trove of resources for a first novel. Small pocket notebooks are ideal for this purpose.

    A book of family / favourite recipes

    Do you love cooking at home? Do you often come across recipes in magazines or online and feel inspired to try them out? Why not store them in a robust notebook – copy them out by hand or print them and stick them in. Much better than taking your tablet, phone or computer into the kitchen, where they could get covered in flour or vegetable stock! And no annoying timing-out to lock screen – a notebook will stay open where you want it so you can follow the recipe. A notebook also means other family members can dip in and rustle up a favourite meal.

    Wellbeing log

    Arguably there’s now more need than ever to take time out, unplug from the online environment and practice being mindful. Support your commitment to finding peace and contentment by noting down your aims and progress in a wellbeing log. List the reasons you have to be grateful, make a note of the things you are going to do to help you live your life in the moment. Record your inspiring thoughts and or the uplifting words of others. Stick in pictures of sunsets and nature to help you through any dark or stressful days.

    Travel journal

    One of the more traditional uses of a personal notebook is as a travel log. What better way to record memories of all the places you’ve visited, with friends and family, or alone. Take it with you each time you travel to a new place, to document the sights, foods and experiences you are privileged to encounter. A beautiful lifelong memento of your travels.