• Notebook Size Guide

    It’s a stationery item long engrained into our culture – from being a kid and having them at school, to taking them into important meetings, the notebook has a myriad of uses both in our personal and working lives.

    But is there a science behind choosing the right notebook for the right job?

  • 8 uses for a paper notebook.

    As we ride the tsunami of laptops, tablets and smarter than ever smartphones, the thought of the humble notebook is wonderfully appealing, reminding us of an offline paper-based era when we all seemed to be in less of a rush and lost chargers were still an unknown evil.  Here’s just 8 ways to indulge in nostalgia by reintroducing a notebook into your life:
  • The Timeless Pilot Capless

    Can you believe this beautiful piece of engineering is now 53 years old.

    The Capless or Vanishing Point was originally released in 1964 by the Japanese company Pilot to celebrate the impending Tokyo Olympics. It remains to this day one of the most iconic and unusual writing instruments available.

  • Why Writing Should Be 1 of Your 5-A-Day

    Information on how to maintain our physical health is abundant these days. What to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise and what bad habits to avoid. But little is mentioned about the benefits of creative processes and how they can help us to develop a range of skills that might otherwise lie dormant in our deepest grey matter.