• Lights, camera, action.

    Covid-19 has turned us into a nation of Facetimers, Zoomers and Microsoft Teamers – in recent months we’ve seen a boom in online activities including; meetings, family get togethers, dinner parties, quizzes, and even weddings, but many of us are still lurking in the dark and not using good lighting to improve our calls.
  • A guide to Working from Home

    Working from Home is a way of life for many of us at the moment due to Coronavirus. We think we are witnessing a revolution in the way we work, with research showing we will be 3 times more likely to WFH in the future. This article offers some advice and tips to help you to improve your productivity, mental health and your work-life balance.
  • Notebook Size Guide

    It’s a stationery item long engrained into our culture – from being a kid and having them at school, to taking them into important meetings, the notebook has a myriad of uses both in our personal and working lives.

    But is there a science behind choosing the right notebook for the right job?

  • 8 uses for a paper notebook.

    As we ride the tsunami of laptops, tablets and smarter than ever smartphones, the thought of the humble notebook is wonderfully appealing, reminding us of an offline paper-based era when we all seemed to be in less of a rush and lost chargers were still an unknown evil.  Here’s just 8 ways to indulge in nostalgia by reintroducing a notebook into your life: